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The ArthriTeNS is an advanced dual channel (4 pad) unit that offers three modes of stimulus and an adjustable pulse width, this is small, compact and extremely versatile. A very high quality dual channel constant T.E.N.S. with adjustable pulse rate and width features. Three pulse modes. Normal,Modulate and Burst. Very handy size, it measures only 24 x 67 x 93 mm. The intensity and pulse rate switches are located on the top of the unit so that the user can adjust it by themselves easily. The pulse mode selection and pulse width switches are located inside the battery compartment. The physician can adjust these selections and close the battery compartment. The battery compartment lid is transparent so that the user can see what selections they have made but without changing it.

      What is T.E.N.S.?

    • The initials T.E.N.S. are short form for Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation which is what a T.E.N.S. machine actually does. A T.E.N.S. machine stimulates nerves electrically by transmitting current through the skin (Cutaneous tissue of Transcutaneous). Now through modern medical technology it may be possible to relieve some types of pain by utilizing the T.E.N.S. method of drugless pain relief. T.E.N.S. is an adjunct to post traumatic acute pain.

    • Now, through modern medical technology, electrical stimulation may be used at home conveniently and safely. The T.E. N.S. unit is effective, drugless, painless proven, convenient, portable, and inexpensive. T.E.N.S. is an alternate of chronic and many acute pain conditions. In many clinical studies Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (T.E.N.S.) has proven to be one of the safest and most effective alternative to drugs in the treatment of some pain syndromes.

        Technical Specifications:

      • Channels Dual, two output channels for stimulation of four electrodes.
      • Mode functions Normal- Modulate- Burst
      • Output Current adjustable 0-40 mA r.m.s. peak into 500 ohm loading each channel, constant current.
      • Output Voltage 0-120V. (open circuit)
      • Pulse width adjustable from 25 microsec to 240 microsec. Pulse width remains adjustable at any mode function setting.
      • Pulse rate adjustable from 2 Hz to 160 Hz, pulse rate adjustable on any setting of mode function.
      • Waveform Biphasic square wave.
      • Indicator Lamp Green lamp to show power on for each channel and pulse rate speed for both channel, and red low battery lamp which is to illuminate when battery power reaches about 5.1V.
      • Mode Functions Normal - when mode slide switch is in normal setting pulse rate is adjustable from 2 Hz to 160 Hz.
      • Modulate - when mode slide switch is in modulate setting pulse rate will modulate ramped down to about 70% from pulse rate setting. Modulate time period is fixed at 6 seconds
      • Burst - Burst mode automatically bursts on and off two times per second (two bursts per second) at adjustable pulse rate.
      • Power Supply 9 volt battery (alkaline, or nickel-cadmium, rechargeable)
      • Electrode silicone rubber electrode, 4.2 x 4.2 cm
      • Weight 95 gm (body only, battery and accessories not included).
      • Size 24 x 67 x 93 mm
      • Belt Clip Steel spring belt clip.
      • Accessories 2 pcs. pin lead wire
      • 4 pcs. silicone rubber electrode
      • 2 pcs. hydro pad
      • 1 pc. 9V battery (conventional one )
      • Instruction manual
          MDD CE Marked CE0197

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