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Assorted Needles

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Spring Auricular Needle.

Product Code: BS2223
Spring Needle for the stimulation of auricular points. The round headed design makes the needle perform an acupressure effective on auricular points.
Price (ex VAT): £6.50


 Acupuncture Practice Cushion Block. - Now with FREE practice needles

Product Code: BY2140
Made of soft silicone for a realistic skin feel, makes this the ideal tool for acupuncture practice
Price (ex VAT): £14.95


Steroplast Alcohol Free Cleansing Wipes x 100

Product Code: CLEANWIPE
Convenient pack of 100 moist antibacterial cleansing wipes, each in their own sachet.
Price (ex VAT): £5.50


Sharps Waste Box - 1ltr

Product Code: HD7761
Yellow Sharps Waste Box - 1ltr
Price (ex VAT): £4.50


Prismatic Needle - for bleeding.

Product Code: BY2204
Tri-edged needle gauge 16, blade length 1cm, stainless steel.
Price (ex VAT): £1.35


Spring Modulator With Magnet

Product Code: BD2363
Cutaneous probe for treating or locating trigger points, acu-points or ear points.
Price (ex VAT): £8.95


Sharps Waste Box

Product Code: HD7795
Needle disposal system
Price (ex VAT): £4.50


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