Ear Pellets and Acu-Magnets

Since humankind's existence, magnets and many different metals have been used for balancing the body's energy. It has been found that when magnets or certain combinations of two dissimilar metals contact the body, a small electric current is generated termed the Polarity Agent Effect. Some commonly used pairs of metals which exhibit this phenomenon include: gold/silver, copper/zinc, nickel/copper, and gold/aluminum. Magnets, by virtue of their natural north (-) and south (+) magnetic poles also exhibit this same phenomenon. In addition to polarity effects, small acu-magnets and small press pellets also provide continuous acupressure to the point. In total, the use of magnets and/or different metals and acupressure creates synergism
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Magrain Silver Granule

Product Code: ML2292
A small stainless steel chromium plated metallic grain specially made for ear & body point.
Price (ex VAT): £12.95


Vaccaria Seeds with Clear Plaster.

Product Code: MY2281
2mm diameter seeds for ear or body points.
Price (ex VAT): £4.46

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Steroplast Alcohol Free Cleansing Wipes x 100

Product Code: CLEANWIPE
Convenient pack of 100 moist antibacterial cleansing wipes, each in their own sachet.
Price (ex VAT): £5.50


Sharps Waste Box - 1ltr

Product Code: HD7761
Yellow Sharps Waste Box - 1ltr
Price (ex VAT): £4.50


Magrain - Silver on a clear plaster

Product Code: ML2230
This product is intended for the relief of the stiffness and pain in the neck, shoulder and lower back
Price (ex VAT): £16.50

Sorry, we are currently out of stock. More available soon

Magnetic Ear Clip - Gold Coloured

Product Code: MY2021
Gold color magnetic ear clip with 1,200 gauss strength magnets on the clip.
Price (ex VAT): £4.54


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