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ED3339  Electronic Acupunctoscope

Product Code: ED3339
New, improved, multi purpose, portable acupunctoscope with four outputs.
Price (ex VAT): £149.00

Sorry, we are currently out of stock. More available soon

E-Stim II Acupuncture Stimulator

Product Code: ED3922
The Dual Action ACUP stimulator E-Stim II is designed for Acupuncture treatment used by Acupuncturists.
Price (ex VAT): £49.95


SDZ-II Electronic Acupuncture Treatment Instrument

Product Code: EY3906
A newly developed acupuncture instrument, made in China with MDD CE-marking. This 6 channel device provides 3 preset waveforms and a built-in timer.
Price (ex VAT): £129.00


Model AWQ-104L Digital Electronic Acupunctoscope

Product Code: ED3923
One of the most powerful acupuncture stimulators available in the market
Price (ex VAT): £129.00


Alligator to Pin Lead

Product Code: CD4309
Alligator to Pin Lead
Price (ex VAT): £5.00


Connecting Wire - Alligator 3.5mm

Product Code: CD4303
Suitable for the ED3923
Price (ex VAT): £3.14


Replacement Pin Lead Wire for SDZII  (EY3906)

Product Code: CY4365
1 metre in length
Price (ex VAT): £3.35


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