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Seirin Pyonex (Green) Press Needle 0.2mm x 0.9mm (100 needles) OOD 08/20

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Used for both ear and body acupuncture points, Pyonex press needles (epi-shin) are a perfect choice for any treatment. Pyonex™ Press Tack Needles

Used for both ear and body acupuncture points, Pyonex press needles (epi-shin) are a perfect choice for any treatment. Pyonex features the renowned painless insertion you have come to expect from SEIRIN.

Manufactured with surgical stainless steel, the press needles contain a 2.8 mm dia ring handle and are available in three different lengths. Pyonex can be applied by hand or with tweezers, depending on your preference.

Each press needle comes with its own 10mm x 10mm individual hypoallergenic skin tape and is mounted on easy-to-use rigid plastic holders. Each plastic holder contains 10 sterile needles.

Seirin Pyonex needles are designed for long-duration acupuncture, for example on the ear, hand or back. Gauge: 0.22 x 1.20mm.

By contrast to the type B and J needles, the Pyonex needles are attached with gentle pressing on the skin surface. A high-quality, soft plaster made of skin-friendly acrylic ensures stable positioning. The Pyonex needles consist of a 2.8 mm-long ring handle, over which the 10 x 10 mm long skin-coloured plaster is affixed. For transport safety, 10 needles are inserted in a small plastic bed.

Seirin Pyonex acupuncture needles are subjected to 8 stringent quality controls during manufacturing. They are electrolyte-cleaned, sterilized with EO gas and usable for at least 3 years – guaranteed.

Weight (including packaging):150g .

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