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Cupping set for personal (adult) use

Contents: Each set includes a pistol grip hand pump, with 16 differing cups and extension tube.

Relief of minor Shoulder pain, Neck pain, Back pain and Muscular pain. 16 cups of different sizes, flexible for different treatment areas

Sizes (Diameter)

5.7 cm x 4 pcs.

4.8 cm x 5 pcs.

3.6 cm x 4 pcs.

2.7 cm x 1 pcs.

2.6 cm x 1 pcs.

1.6 cm x 1 pcs.


Stimulus of bio-energy vital points

Blood circulation

Vacuum Massage

General Health

Shoulder pain

Back pain

Muscular pain

Sports injuries


Physiotherapeutic etc.

It is modestly priced, the cups are fully transparent, shock and heat resistant, and easily sterilized in boiling water.

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