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Acupoint - gives you the power to break free from pain - immediately

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Acupoint harnesses the most powerful medicine yet known to man. Namely, the body's own natural healing system. Based on the principles of acupuncture, it first detects the acupressure point and then sends a harmless controlled, low intensity electronic pulse (or wave form) to stimulate the correct flow of electromagnetic energy to the relevant part of your body. The Acupoint has proven to be accurate and easy to use by locating the appropriate points, indicated by a constant buzz and continous green light and effectively stimulating the treatment areas. Acupoint not only provides rapid, long-lasting pain relief, but also appears to be effective in accelerating tissue repair and regeneration. In fact, such is the success of Acupoint that today it is used by doctors and medical professionals throughout the world to treat hundreds of serious and minor ailments - even when everything else has failed.

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