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E-Stim II Acupuncture Stimulator

The Dual Action ACUP stimulator E-Stim II is designed for Acupuncture treatment used by Acupuncturists.

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Most economical and easy-to-use portable electro-therapy unit. New dual channel, portable, continuous frequency unit features Milli-amp (normal current) and Micro-amp (micro current) settings. Each channel also includes its own green LED light which displays power-on and frequency. Accessories include 2 sets of alligator clip wires, , and instructions.

  • Specifications:

    • E-StimII Dual Channel
    • Size of the unit 12.5 x 6 x 2.4cm (5" x 2.5" x 1")
    • Weight of the unit 110gm.
    • Power source 9V Battery, type PP3, 6F22 or its
    • equivalent
    • (alkaline type is recommended)
    • Pulse shape Biphasic Square Wave with negative
    • spike
    • Pulse rate (adjustable) 2 Hz ~ 100 Hz
    • Output current (adjustable) at "Milli" on 500 load 0-
    • 40 mA (+/-20%) r.m.s.
    • Output current (adjustable) at "Micro" on 500 load
    • 0-2 mA (+/-20%) r.m.s.
    • Pulse width 280 u sec (+/-20%)
    • Indicator Lamp Green lamp(s) to show power on
    • and pulse rate speed of channel 1 and 2 respectively.
    • Yellow low battery lamp which illuminates when battery power
    • drops to about 5.1V
    • Operating Temperature +16 C to +36 C
    • Output Jack 3.5mm diameter jack
    • Electrical specifications are +/-20% with 500 ohm load.
    • Accessories:

      • Alligator type connecting wire for connecting
      • needles for Acupuncture treatment - 2 pcs.
      • Battery 9V - NOT INCLUDED
      • Instruction manual - 1 pc.
      • MDD CE Marked
      • CE0197
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