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ED3339 Electronic Acupunctoscope

New, improved, multi purpose, portable acupunctoscope with four outputs.

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New, improved, portable acupunctoscope with four outputs.


  • Four output channels
  • New IC circuitry, no cross over
  • Polarity reversal switch for each channel
  • Sensitive point location with both light and sound indication
  • E-E/APD treatment and location switch
  • High/Low voltage switch: low for needles, high for TENS
  • Continuous, intermittent, and dense-disperse (modulated) wave forms
  • Two frequency range setting: 0 to 100 and 0 to 1000
  • Improved alligator clip wires and detection probe
  • Low battery indicator


  • Frequency, x 1:1to 100Hz
  • Frequency, x 10:10 to 1,000Hz
  • Output current: 0-18MAr.m.s.(Low)(500 ohm loading)
  • 0-40 mA r.m.s. (high)(500 ohm loading)
  • Output: 4 independant channels
  • Pulse width: 320us
  • Point detection: sound and light indication
  • Power supply: 9 volt battery
  • Dimensions: 15.5x 10.5 x 6cm
  • Weight: 330 grams (unit only)
  • Accessories: pen shaped search/treat probe with hand grounding pole and improved wire - 4 sets

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